Monday, November 20, 2006

We read Jblogs, so you don't have to - Toledot edition

Blogging the Bible: A secular Jew with a sharp literary mind reads the Bible. I like his description of Isaac as "the accidental patriarch".

A fascinating discussion of the custom to say Az Yashir in the morning prayers.

The halachic status of ghosts, demons and golems.

Leave it to the Jews to come up with a Haggadda for Thanksgiving. While we're at it, why is turkey kosher?

The fascinating history of tefillin wearing. I was surprised to discover that in Gaonic and early Ashkenazic times, hardly anyone wore tefillin.

Some lovely Hasidic stories translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman. "The Rebbe and the Opera Singer" in Volume 2 p. 62 is very moving.

Why a career in management is not recommended

An overlooked aspect of the tension beetween BT's and FFB's: BT's ask: where is the FFBs' derekh eretz?

Some action at Chabad this week: A sighting of the Rebbe on film, and a riot in the bet midrash.

A great example of bad translation.

A site that finds gematrias. I had no idea that the gematria of my name equals קופת צדקה המשטרה בדרך, זכור ושמור and לכל סיר יש מכסה

Celebrating the yahrtzeit of Reb Hersh the Attendant, one of the more fascinating Hasidic rebbes.

A nice story about divine providence.

A shomer shabbat hockey player with a future in the NHL.

An online exhibit of Jerusalem pashkevils (broadsides)

A very nice lecture on Parashat Toledot given by R Mordechai Elon: What's so funny about Yitzchak?

Why the patriarchs were such bad parents

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