Friday, December 01, 2006

We read JBlogs so you don't have to - Vayetze edition

Proof from this week's parsha that what goes around comes around

A nice vort on self-hatred from this week's parsha

A nice vort on disgreement and harmonious growth.

The Midrash says: G-d loves rebels

A kinder look at Eisav, based on the midrash of salt and straw

The concept of semichas ge’uloh l’tefilloh, connecting redemption to prayer, alludes to redeeming prayer itself from the exile of being recited again and again without the degree of emunah that would awaken the mind and heart of the one reciting it.

Some brilliant limericks based on Masekhet Sukkah

Should R Zera's Chumra conceerning nida be abolished?

The 44th yahrzeit of HaRav HaGaon Aharon Kotler. More stories about him here.

A classic story, well told.

The new improved edition of Rav Nosson Kaminetsky's "The Making of a Gadol" - find the differences. Also, another banned book - Rav Eliakh's "The Gaon"

An account of an ascent to Har Habayit, with a nice vort on Benny Sela and Ben Drusai

A nice exposition on how to approach questions raised by classical commentators. Required reading for Judaica academics.

The sighting last week wasn't the Lubavitcher Rebbe - it was a dead ringer (pun intended)

A new market for matzot - communion wafers.

"The Yarmulke Ruse" in the Ethicist column of the Times Magazine

Best advice for raising frum kids - raise them in a non-frum environment.

A look at wearing tefillin from the point of view of ..... accupuncture.

Just in time for Chanuka - Homer Simpson kipot

Teaneck Rabbi: YU = Torah + Idolatry