Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Siyum for Gemara? Hadran Alecha!

...Gemara Williams, that is. According to today's Boston Globe:
"The Patriots waived defensive back Gemara Williams. Williams, 23, was signed by the May 8 as a non-drafted rookie free agent from the University of Buffalo."

What a great name for a football player! You can see more information about him here.

Too bad Gemara didn't make the team. We could have been treated all season long to headlines like:

"Gemara Gets Burned Again"
"All Eyes on Gemara"
"Gemara Turns the Page"
"Gemara Gets Off to a Slow Start"

Any other suggestions? Let the contest begin!

August 13, 2006 - News flash from the Boston Globe: "The Patriots announced they re-signed rookie defensive back Gemara Williams, an undrafted free agent they released just before camp began."

We may yet get to see all these Gemara headlines for real:

"Gemara Covers Ground"
"Gemara Better the Second Time Around"


Anonymous said...

"Cowboys tackle Gemara"

The back of the hill said...

Errrmm.... Gemara whups ass.

By which of course I mean chamor.

Gemara inspires. Crowd loves Gemara. Gemara keeps it up. Gemara rules. Gemara trumps oppostion. Gemara gets juices flowing. Gemara top-ranked.

Pumped up on Gemara.

Pinky said...

Gemara...Hot as always.

Anonymous said...

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